Annual and Perennial Plants of the LRGV

The following table lists the growing group of plants that have been suggested and reviewed by butterfly gardeners in the LRGV. 

Check back often, the LRGV Garden Guide is currently under construction. More annuals and perennials will be added to the table below in the coming months.

English Name

Scientific Name

Plant Type

Caterpillar Food Plant for:

Butterfly Mistflower Chromolaena odorata perennial Not a caterpillar food plant
Firewheel Gaillarida pulchella annual Not a caterpillar food plant
Heartleaf Hibiscus Hibiscus martianus perennial Yojoa Scrub-hairstreak, Mallow Scrub-hairstreak, Gray Hairstreak
Partridge Pe Chamaecrista fasciculata annual Cloudless Sulphur, Sleepy Orange, Little Yellow, Ceraunus Blue, Gray Hairstreak
Texas Toadflax Nuttallanthus texanus perennial Common Buckeye
Tropical Milkweed Asclepias curassavica perennial or annual Monarch, Queen, Soldier
Turkey Tangle Fogfruit Phyla nodiflora
Common Buckeye, Phaon Crescent, White Peacock

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